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Object Theatre

Object theatre (sometimes referred to as object puppetry) uses found objects to create a story with characters. Instead of objects and/or puppets specifically designed for the narrative, object theatre deliberately uses everyday objects, either as is or transformed into other things, requiring the skill of the performer and the imagination...

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Montage In Dramatic Performance

The use of montage in performance is a sophisticated technique that sometimes confuses drama students due to its complexity. This article attempts to demystify montage and assist teachers and students in their understanding of this convention. Etymology: First things first. The term “montage” originates from the old French word “monter”,...

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The Challenges of Teaching Absurdism

One of the most intriguing and challenging of non-realistic theatre styles for high school drama students is theatre of the absurd. Its beauty lies in its non-conformity with accepted theatre conventions. A performance style that deliberately breaks many of the norms of conventional theatre is destined to do one of...