SoundBible: Free Sound Effects

SoundBible is a great resource for Drama teachers and students wanting to use free sounds in their performance-making projects in class. This website is also great for locating sounds needed for school shows.

SoundBible is an easy-to-navigate website hosting thousands of sound clips that can either be played on the site or downloaded.

Downloads fall into the following categories:

  • mp3
  • wav
  • zip

All sounds are completely free and also fall into three categories:

  • public domain (everyone owns them, so do what you want with it!)
  • royalty free (commercial use is fine, just don’t redistribute the sound for profit)
  • Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 (use is free, just attribute the owner of the sound)

SoundBible is a fabulous resource. I’ll be posting other free sound websites for use in Drama, soon. Stay tuned.

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Justin Cash
Justin Cash is an experienced high school drama teacher in Melbourne, Australia. He is passionate about drama education and blogging. Justin firmly believes drama is the most valuable subject a young person can study at school and that drama teaching is the best job in the world!
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  1. Another favorite of mine is

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