Jersey Boys Australia Behind The Scenes

I wish I could post some behind the scenes photos or blog an interview with a cast member of Jeresy Boys Australia, but alas it is not to be.

However, a few days ago I was privileged to be a part of an education experience for Jersey Boys that involved a walk on the set after the show and a Q&A session with the Company Manager, Resident Director, Choreographer and Musical Director.

Did you know?

  • Jersey Boys Australia cost AU $10 million to mount in July 2009, on par with the US $8 million Jersey Boys cost to put on Broadway in November 2005
  • Jersey Boys Australia has about 60 people working backstage every night at the Princess Theatre, Melbourne, but this only represents half the number needed backstage at The Gershwin Theatre each night for Wicked on Broadway
  • all the music in Jersey Boys Australia is played live by a band in a room underneath the stage (with the exception of two bars in the opening number)
  • While Jersey Boys Australia is confirmed until April 2010 at the 1,600-seat Princess Theatre, it is hoped Melbourne will be home to Jersey Boys for another six months to come, presumably before moving on to Sydney(?)

    Jersey Boys Original Melbourne Cast. Photo: The Age.

  • the fore stage of the Jersey Boys set covers the traditional orchestra pit, which was filled with concrete for the hydraulic lifts needed to bring the stand-microphones and actors up from beneath (and will be jack-hammered out again when the show leaves this venue)
  • Other than London, Melbourne is the only city outside North America to host Jersey Boys so far
  • Two of the original Four Seasons members today have a financial interest in Jersey Boys
  • there are actually four Frankie Valli’s in the Jersey Boys Melbourne company (Bobby Fox being the main one) and casting for four men less than 5′ 9″ with “that” falsetto took more than 9 months
  • all the actors play their instruments live on stage each performance
  • While many compare the jukebox musical style of Jersey Boys to that of Mamma Mia, the audience demographic couldn’t be more different … while groups of women flocked in droves to see Mamma Mia, Jersey Boys audience’s are filled with groups of men! (come on boys!)
  • High school students can go to see Jersey Boys in Melbourne on Tuesday evenings and Saturday matinees with their teachers for only $51 (because Jersey Boys is on the VCAA playlist for VCE Theatre Studies)

If you haven’t seen Jersey Boys in Melbourne yet, I’d highly recommend getting in fast. This is a wonderful show and from all reports every bit the quality of Jersey Boys on Broadway.

Jersey Boys Australia

Tickets at Ticketek Australia

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