Free Play Scripts!

Excellent news for Drama/Theatre teachers!

Australian playwright Alex Broun has just released all of his plays to the public via his website. Particularly well known for his short 10-minute plays on a variety of subject matter, Alex has decided to make all his plays available for download, reading and production completely free of charge.

Over the years, Alex has entered many of his plays into short play festivals and today his works are produced all over the world. His catalogue of dozens and dozens of 10-minute, one-act and full-length plays are neatly categorised with a plot synopsis and cast m/f details.

Alex Broun’s works are suitable for theatre and/or school use. Make sure you check scripts carefully first for age level suitability. All Alex asks in return is that if you produce one of his plays, email him the production details so he can keep a record of it for his own purposes.

What a great deal! Download your plays now at Alex’s website (

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