Free Play Scripts!

Excellent news for Drama/Theatre teachers!

Australian playwright Alex Broun has just released all of his plays to the public via his website. Particularly well known for his short 10-minute plays on a variety of subject matter, Alex has decided to make all his plays available for download, reading and production completely free of charge.

Over the years, Alex has entered many of his plays into short play festivals and today his works are produced all over the world. His catalogue of dozens and dozens of 10-minute, one-act and full-length plays are neatly categorised with a plot synopsis and cast m/f details.

Alex Broun’s works are suitable for theatre and/or school use. Make sure you check scripts carefully first for age level suitability. All Alex asks in return is that if you produce one of his plays, email him the production details so he can keep a record of it for his own purposes.

What a great deal! Download your plays now at Alex’s website (

54 comments on “Free Play Scripts!

  1. I am running a 12 performance class where children learn the basics of theatre and dance. I am currently looking for scenes for them to perform infront of each other.


  3. Does anyone know a good 20-40min comedy that would be good for a Year 10 class of 10 girls? I’m struggling.

  4. Am trying to find a 10-15min piece for 5 performers for an Eisteddfod. They are 11-13yrs old.

  5. would some thing for senor to get started

  6. need a play for 20-21 students in the 9th grade

    please help

    9th grade english teacher

  7. We have a lot of great free play scripts at

  8. like it! (^_^)

  9. please sent me script to teach grade 5 to 8.
    will be grastful

  10. does any body know a good websites to print off a playscript xx

  11. 🙁

    • Sad Sam,

      Try some of the following websites through Google:

      “Project Gutenberg”
      “Simply Scripts”
      “Classic Reader”
      “Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts”
      “The Online Books Page”

      Most play scripts still in US copyright, however, will not be found online. You will only find historical play scripts.

  12. i need a short 5 min french script for beginners learning french. its urgent.

    • Can someone help me find a solo 10 minute play because one of the plays that me and three other people were doing, one kid kicked me off because I messed up once when we were practicing. So I have to do it by myself. And I’m stressing out because next week I have to perform it.

  13. Okay, thank you Justin Cash.

  14. want a simple scripts for school childrens .about christmas.

  15. Can someone help me find a 10-15 minute play with 22 persons performing? It’s urgent.

  16. Please i need a short french drama for kids 8 to 10yrs old.20 minutes maximum time.

  17. i need a short 15 minute alice in wonderland play for 6th graders

  18. please give me a short ply on teacher role for nation, there s a big program on this at our university. any one can help me.

  19. Hey, Was just wanting you to email me some of the good plays for sixth grade. Short 10 mins play.
    Thankyou, Hope to get a reply.


  20. 🙂 (^o^);-D

  21. Maureen Chiremba

    August 2, 2015 at 7:03 pm Reply

    Would be very grateful if you pot plays for grade 5 to 8.

  22. ossome story!

  23. I am looking for a play for fourth graders (about ten) that doesn’t require a great deal of work in terms of the sets.

  24. i am looking for a 10 min play with a moral value. plz suggest me a good script

  25. Sarah Evington-Smith

    January 21, 2016 at 8:12 pm Reply

    Could you recommend some sites that could provide me with some short (7-10 min) comedies written in French? I would like to find some for both Junior and Senior School students.

    • Now that’s a tricky question! I don’t know of any, sorry. I’d just Google your query and see what you come up with, either in print or online. – Justin

      • I Sarah, I invite you to visit my website. I am a french playwright and scriptwriter and I offer the full scripts of my plays to free download on my website in french of course (60 plays), but also in spanish (11 plays) and english (3 plays for now). Thank you for your attention. Jean-Pierre Martinez

  26. I need a script on moral value for my year 7 class

  27. Hi,

    I need three melodrama ten minute scripts suitable for 6-10 year old performance groups; there are 5 to 6 actors in each group. Preferably something that evokes the stereotypical characters of a melodrama: the villain, the hero, the damsel (male or female) etc. I really want to give the kids an opportunity to extend their acting into the outer kinesphere. Any help would be great. I feel like I have browsed every corner of the next and spent so many hours script reading.


  28. Hii,I run an NGO from my home for unprivileged kids around my home.i want a five min play in non violence so that I can prepare my kids for that.i want these kids to get an oppertunity to enhance their skills.hope I can get one

  29. Hopeless and if you think you will get something here . PLEASE !!!!!!!!

  30. Hi iam varsha I need a English play for about 10 mins for my school dramatics.
    We are higher secondary students.I want play in a comedy or fantasy genre.
    Hope u guys can help me out…

  31. hi i m sahithi i need a moral story for my school drama about 10 min. urgent plzz

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